Dr. Jenny J. Yang's Lab

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Protein Structure and Function - CHEM/BIO 8360


Attendance is mandatory. Bonus points and home work will be given during class and for attending seminars related to proteins

Suggested seminars for Chemistry department on Friday  PSC101, 3:45, CDT seminar PSC124 Monday 1pm

Topics of oral and paper presentation and review

This year focuses will be diseases biomarkers such as , drug targets, and signaling modulators. Here are some examples.


  1. Membrane proteins, receptors, channels, gap junctions, GPCRs
  2. Major cancer surface biomarkers: CXCR4, HER2, PSMA,  EGFR,  immune biomarkers for T and B cells
  3. Sensors and imaging, targeting methods.

Detailed oral presentation, public speech skills and evaluation capability will be introduced.   Students are asked to present oral presentation and write a review paper on the same topics you choose. Oral presentation will be 7-8 mins with carefully prepared PPT including structure features, key properties and functions of the protein/protein families and approaches used.