Dr. Jenny J. Yang's Lab

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2013 End of the Year Newsletter

News from Dr. Yang’s group

2013 has been a busy and lively year for the Yang group. We published 10 papers. A paper with Dr. Zhiren Liu’s group about Interaction between p68 RNA helicase and calcium-calmodulin promotes cell migration and metastasis was published at Nature Communication and this work was highlighted by several of the major media including Voice of America.  Strong collaborations have been established with several clinicians from Emory, Johns Hopkins, and Pittsburgh to apply our developed MRI contrast agents to various types of cancers and imaging guided intervention.  Collaborative studies for understanding the role in of calcium neuron activity and memory, muscle contraction, cardiovascular diseases, and virus infections were performed. 

An R21 funding from NIH to support research on PKM2 has been obtained with Dr. Zhiren Liu (PI).  A pilot grant about the role of calcium in muscle contraction with Dr. Perez (PI) from Harvard medical school has received a fundable score.

 In addition, the Yang group obtained a Brains and Behavior seed grant for the application of MRI contrast agents for monitoring brain tumors.  Several grants are under review.

Dr. David Shenghui Xue and Dr. Joy You Zhuo received their Ph.D. degrees. Alice Chen Zhang will defend her Ph.D. in December. Dr. Jason Yusheng Jiang moved to Harvard for his postdoc training. Dr. Snow Xueyun Liu received her M.S. and is now working at the EPA.  Fantashia Goosby obtained her B.S. and will continue her M.S. study in the Yang lab.  In the past year, several graduate students trained in the Yang lab and have become faculty. Dr. Yubin Zhou is an assistant professor at Texas AM University Health Center, Dr. Lisa Jones is an assistant professor at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Dr. Nancy Yun Huang has received an offer for an assistant professor in Texas. Dr. Michael Kirberger is a visiting faculty at Clayton State University. Dr. Ning Chen is a professor at the sport college in Wuhan, China. Dr. Yanyi Chen is an Academic professional at GSU.     

Several group members such as Joy and James, Fan and David, and Jasmine and Daobin were married in the past year.  Jane Feng delivered a baby boy in October while Jason has a new girl. 

The Yang lab also welcomed several new members including Mani Salarian and Shanshan Tan as new Ph.D. students, Rakashya Gorkhali, Cassie Miller and  Corrie Purser as new MS. Students  and  Jilma Philips and Chaky Muankaew as new Undergraduates.

Yang lab members attended several conferences including the 57th Biophysical meeting in Philadelphia, International Gap Junction meeting in Charleston, 3rd World Molecular Imaging Conference in Savannah and Frontier Imaging Conference at Vanderbilt. We also presented our work at various local meetings including the Calcium Club, Cancer Symposium at Georgia Tech, and BPS at Emory University.  David won a poster award during the Nuclei Acids Conference at GSU.