Dr. Jenny J. Yang's Lab

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Research Interests:

In our lab we apply various methodologies including bioinformatics, spectroscopy, protein and coordination chemistry, imaging, cell biology and animal models to address the following hot research topics:

1) We develop computational and biochemical approaches to identify Ca2+binding proteins and visualize calcium signaling pathways, in order to dissect key determinants for metal affinity, selectivity, regulation, and to establish a molecular basis of metal toxicity (we call them calciomics).

2) We investigate the molecular basis of various human diseases associated to Ca2+ signaling. We work on structural, regulation and function of several key proteins in integrating extracellular with intracellular Ca2+ signaling & cell-cell communication.

3) We develop biosensors, such as Ca2+ and protease sensors, to monitor rapid subcellular events with preclinical applications.

4) We strive to create protein-based MRI contrast agents to diagnose and cure human diseases with unprecedented sensitivity and accuracy.

5) We design protein drugs with improved therapeutic effects on cancer, diabetes, and virus infection.